4 Unexpected Benefits of a Company Retreat

- Kelsey Meyer
When it comes to company retreats, I know what you’re probably thinking: trust falls and motivational speakers. But these team-building trips go far deeper than that. Whether you’re running a company of five or 500, changing pace with a retreat... Read More

How one seminar amazed me!

This is a guest post form Ergodespoina’s blog. To read the original blog post in Greek please visit HERE When I graduated from Occupational Therapy School I thought, “Now what? Have I learned everything?”  I realized that I obviously hadn’t,... Read More

Fine Tune Your Listening And Eavesdrop On Humanity

- Antony Parry
Pin on your magic ears and eavesdrop on humanity Do you remember The Wizard of Oz movie turning from black and white into glorious colour? A piece of magic, a new vision, a new way of seeing the world. There’s a similar... Read More


- Antony Parry
Curiosity opens our hearts and makes us wiser Let me invite you to try a little thought experiment. Here are a few words, just marks on paper, bits and bytes on screens. Here we go: the Las Vegas shootings, Brexit,... Read More

Why family business matters

- Carmen Lence
The term “family business” may remind you of that restaurant where all the staff shares the same surname, or that mid-size business you read about that went bust when the son of the founder took over.  Well, you find such... Read More

How to survive and thrive despite of your “mental” family

- Carmen Lence
I’m a typical Spanish woman married with a typical Swiss man. I like to joke about my family defining it as “temperamental” where the Swiss part is the “temper” and the Spanish part… is the “mental”. Obviously our family and... Read More

Making Co-Active Leadership Accessible for All

- Barton Cutter
“When access is limited for one, it’s limited for all.” ~Helen House As Co-Active leaders, we embrace the responsibility of creating our world together with others in our environment, each moment of every day. We are called into full engagement,... Read More

Paying Attention to the impact we have….

- Ronnie Clifford
It is interesting to me to ‘simply notice’ that we all (sweeping generalisation) go about not really thinking about the impact we want to have.  No really, in every interaction you are having with everyone you are with, everyone you... Read More

A Brilliant Example of Co-Active Leadership

- Henry Kimsey-House
I’m always looking for great examples of Co-Active Leadership in action. In a conversation with Sarah Goltz, a participant in a Leadership Program I am leading, Sarah shared with me an incredibly inspiring example of Co-Active Leadership. Sarah is a... Read More