The Leader’s Crisis

- Meridith Elliot Powell
Things Today’s Leaders Need To Stop Ignoring One of my passions is helping companies develop their leaders of the future. Building the talent that will lead the company in the coming decades. The challenge with this type of work is... Read More

Reflection and Purpose

- Henry Kimsey-House
As we approach the winter solstice I grow increasing aware of it being a time of going into the “cave”. It is time for this big bear to sink into the work of “reflecting”. Some traditions refer to this time... Read More

Family Business Retreat – Greece 2019

DEVELOPING COLLABORATIVE DIMENSIONAL LEADERSHIP IN FAMILY BUSINESS How can Collaborative Dimensional Leadership be applied to Family Business Best Practices? Newly launched FBN Greece, in partnership with Leadership Coaching, invite you to a 3-day, innovative Family Business retreat, packed full of enjoyable,... Read More

The Co-Active® Model Explained: 4 Cornerstones – 5 Contexts – 3 Principles

- Leadership Coaching
The Co-Active® Model is a philosophy, a methodology, a skillset and a communication form that is applied to business, education, medical institutions, government and communities across the globe. It is about ‘how we are’ and ‘what we do’ and the... Read More

3 Of Our Favorite Inspiring Female Leaders

- Leadership Coaching
Inspiring leaders can be found everywhere around us in our daily lives. Despite being from all over the globe and immersed in different fields and careers, these three women have inspired us through and through. They are female leaders who... Read More

Internal vs External Coaching – Leadership Coaching & HR Professional

- Leadership Coaching
In recent years, many companies have begun to truly understand the importance and value that effective coaching can provide an individual and an organization. Its profound impact can certainly influence the productivity and dedication of each person, not only on... Read More

How Women Manage the Gendered Norms of Leadership

- Wei Zheng, Ronit Kark and Alyson Meister
A wealth of research shows that female leaders, much more than their male counterparts, face the need to be warm and nice (what society traditionally expects from women), as well as competent or tough (what society traditionally expects from men and leaders). The problem is that... Read More

Family Business Succession Planning – Tips for Success

- Susan Ward
Family Business Succession Planning Needs to Start Early Family business succession planning should be a priority for every company that wants to pass on its business to the next generation. Sooner or later, everyone wants to retire. But if you... Read More

Leadership Lessons From The Field

- Susan Jordon
In the Co-Active Leadership program, we dive deep into the realms of Impact and how we can unintentionally mess things up without even realizing we co-created the outcome. Usually we’re not happy about it, or we find ourselves confused. The... Read More

Let Love Inspire Your Leadership

- Meghan M. Biro
Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means that love is in the air. Unfortunately, it’s not in the air, or culture, or anywhere else at too many companies. Which is not only a shame, it’s very shortsighted. Why? Because leading... Read More

2019 Talent Trends: Soft Skills, Transparency and Trust

- Josh Bersin
This week LinkedIn released its 2019 Global Talent Trends research, a study that summarizes job and hiring data across millions of people, and the results are quite interesting. (5,165 talent and managers responded, a big sample.) In an era when automation, AI, and... Read More

To Develop The Next Generation Of Leaders, Plan Ahead

- Forbes Coaches Council
Baby boomers are stepping into retirement in growing numbers. This means that companies are starting to lose institutional knowledge and experience, not to mention an entire section of leadership. While there is still time to get younger generations up to... Read More

Plan vs Strategy: Is There a Difference?

- Cherissa Newton
Often times, the words “plan” and “strategy” are used interchangeably. The meanings of the words are quite similar; a method for achieving an end. Here’s the truth: There are strong differences between these words. It’s important for a company to... Read More

What being a Leader in 2019 means

- Konstantina Kanaroglou
Our article below was featured in, having asked the question: What does being a Leader in 2019 mean? A leader is able to give a clear vision and create the infrastructures and strategic plans that can help team members... Read More

What do we leave behind in 2018, what’s coming in 2019?

- Konstantina Kanaroglou
Our below article was featured in, having asked the question: What do we leave behind in 2018, what’s coming in 2019? Leaving 2018 behind, we realize that, very often, we base our decisions, feelings and the way we think... Read More

Becoming An Empowered Parent

- Alexia Amvrazi
My son is almost five. I love and adore him with every cell of my being. I’ve learned a colourful variety of lessons and tricks along the way – though hardly ever stopping to read the innumerable books and websites... Read More

Leadership Coaching with a lot of ‘KEFI’

- Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching joined forces with KEFI Tours to bring a taster of our Corporate and Team leadership retreats to executives and senior level management from top companies across Greece. The synergy between LC and KEFI Tours, one of Greece’s premier... Read More

How To Have An Unplugged Leadership Christmas

- John Townsend
eaders often have a struggle letting go, winding down, checking out and truly engaging in the holiday and “being there.” There are end-of-year financials, projections, plans for the next year, and projects to get closure on.  I’m sure you have... Read More

Explaining Family Company Success and Survival

- John Davis
Families in business usually have a deep desire to see the family company prosper and survive into the next generation and to keep the family successful, united, and supportive of the family company. These are often “stretch” goals because not... Read More

How Coaches Evoke Change

- Karen Kimsey-House
What Is Falling Away And What Is Fighting To Be Born? With the current political climate in the United States, I’ve been thinking about transformative change (change that occurs at the level of identity or being) and how it is... Read More

Leading With Intuition

Nothing stays the same; it just changes faster. If there is one simple rule of leadership, it’s to learn to navigate the chaos, because there’s plenty of it about. But all is not lost. We have some great tools for... Read More

4 Unexpected Benefits of a Company Retreat

- Kelsey Meyer
When it comes to company retreats, I know what you’re probably thinking: trust falls and motivational speakers. But these team-building trips go far deeper than that. Whether you’re running a company of five or 500, changing pace with a retreat... Read More

How one seminar amazed me!

This is a guest post form Ergodespoina’s blog. To read the original blog post in Greek please visit HERE When I graduated from Occupational Therapy School I thought, “Now what? Have I learned everything?”  I realized that I obviously hadn’t,... Read More

Fine Tune Your Listening And Eavesdrop On Humanity

- Antony Parry
Pin on your magic ears and eavesdrop on humanity Do you remember The Wizard of Oz movie turning from black and white into glorious colour? A piece of magic, a new vision, a new way of seeing the world. There’s a similar... Read More


- Antony Parry
Curiosity opens our hearts and makes us wiser Let me invite you to try a little thought experiment. Here are a few words, just marks on paper, bits and bytes on screens. Here we go: the Las Vegas shootings, Brexit,... Read More

Why family business matters

- Carmen Lence
The term “family business” may remind you of that restaurant where all the staff shares the same surname, or that mid-size business you read about that went bust when the son of the founder took over.  Well, you find such... Read More

How to survive and thrive despite of your “mental” family

- Carmen Lence
I’m a typical Spanish woman married with a typical Swiss man. I like to joke about my family defining it as “temperamental” where the Swiss part is the “temper” and the Spanish part… is the “mental”. Obviously our family and... Read More

Making Co-Active Leadership Accessible for All

- Barton Cutter
“When access is limited for one, it’s limited for all.” ~Helen House As Co-Active leaders, we embrace the responsibility of creating our world together with others in our environment, each moment of every day. We are called into full engagement,... Read More

Paying Attention to the impact we have….

- Ronnie Clifford
It is interesting to me to ‘simply notice’ that we all (sweeping generalisation) go about not really thinking about the impact we want to have.  No really, in every interaction you are having with everyone you are with, everyone you... Read More

A Brilliant Example of Co-Active Leadership

- Henry Kimsey-House
I’m always looking for great examples of Co-Active Leadership in action. In a conversation with Sarah Goltz, a participant in a Leadership Program I am leading, Sarah shared with me an incredibly inspiring example of Co-Active Leadership. Sarah is a... Read More