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June 11, 2021

Despite the academic setbacks, our kids are not broken

Our kids have lost so much—family members, connections to friends and teachers, emotional well-being, and for many, financial stability at... Read More

November 20, 2020

School Bulletin: How to deal with parental criticism?

  ▶️ WATCH Eckhart Tolle on Parental Criticism   If you think you’re enlightened spend 2 weeks with your parents... Read More

November 13, 2020

School Bulletin: What in life takes courage?

What in life takes courage? These spring to mind. Being a parent. Being married. Being single. Speaking out. Being wrong.... Read More

June 26, 2020

A Voice in the System

Did you know that when you’re part of a webinar, you’re also part of a system? During our Introduction to... Read More

May 27, 2019

The Co-Active® Model Explained

4 Cornerstones – 5 Contexts – 3 Principles The Co-Active® Model is a philosophy, a methodology, a skillset and a... Read More

April 1, 2019

3 Of Our Favorite Inspiring Female Leaders

Inspiring leaders can be found everywhere around us in our daily lives. Despite being from all over the globe and... Read More

December 31, 2018

Becoming An Empowered Parent

My son is almost five. I love and adore him with every cell of my being. I’ve learned a colourful... Read More

June 22, 2018

How one seminar amazed me!

This is a guest post form Ergodespoina’s blog. To read the original blog post in Greek please visit HERE When... Read More