A Voice in the System

Did you know that when you’re part of a webinar, you’re also part of a system?

During our Introduction to ORSC™ webinar we learned that there are many different systems that we are part of, ranging from the individual level to the state level: you as an independent entity, you and your relationship, your friendships, your family, your community, your workplace, your government, your country, your continent – your planet!

And whatever system you are part of, takes on, what Jungian scholars might call, a ‘collective consciousness’, what business consultants refer to as ‘corporate culture’ and therapists address as ‘family system dynamics’. This ‘Third Entity’ is that which lives outside the individuals in a particular relationship system whether a work team, family, or couple. Still confused? John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were individuals. The Beatles is their Third Entity™.

  • So, how do you understand the impact you have on the systems you are part of?
  • How do we help the system (group, community, team, workplace) to become interdependent and find a common goal or objective?
  • How do we extract coherency from a system that is chaotic?
  • How can we prepare for a future that is rooted in change?

These are just some of the questions that are explored and addressed with the ORSC™ methodology.

What exactly is ORSC™ (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching)?

At its essence, ORSC™ is about learning about relationships, making them stronger, and becoming more conscious and intentional. What happens when we are not? Challenges and issues such as lack of communication, team toxins and conflict may arise.

ORSC™ is a methodology that aligns you to a different perspective – one where you don’t just look at the system as a sum of its parts: you look at the system as a whole. And when you work within a particular system, and start to give feedback to that system, you inevitably change it.

In this sense, the ORSC™ tools can be used by people across a variety of industries working in a team: CEOs, Corporate Executives, Managers, Coaches, HR Professionals and Educators.

If systems are constantly in a state of emergence and constantly changing and constantly forming a new identity, as a Manager / CEO / Educator / Coach what can you do? How do you ensure you accompany the system through this change?

If no two systems are alike and where we are NOW is always a new situation, what do you do as a Leader with that newness?

ORSC™ encourages us to be active in constantly developing ways to dance in the moment of the newness of the situation.

What came up in our webinar – our system du jour – was that the biggest difference in our lives is now in planning for the unknown tomorrow.

How do we plan the future, how can we plan our next travels, what do we need to do to adapt? To help unravel some of these questions we played an experiential game that used our physical bodies to guide us.

How do we see the future? This is part of the collective wisdom that came out of our specific system. Do you see anything that resonates with you?

A happier, more positive and confident future requires bringing consciousness, intention, and clarity in to everything we do and everything we are. By having these intentions, we bring about shifts and transformations in our relationships, improving communications, working in an aligned manner and working in unison as a collective – whether at home, at school or in the boardroom.

How do we work on ourselves and / or the community that we are part of? And then, how do we work at the macro and mundo level – for our wider community, our country and even our planet? 

Perhaps, the starting point is dialogue – a more connected dialogue – and when that connection occurs we can begin to discuss how we want to be in the future: how we want to be for us as a community, not just as an individual. And when we apply that we create a little bit of magic.

What does tomorrow hold? That’s up to us.

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