Corporate Retreats

We offer fully customized retreats for Managers, Team Building and Leadership Development

Discover powerful connections to your visions, strengths, and people! There are different models for getting you through this process, some more appropriate than others depending on your situation. We’ll guide you and your team in choosing the right approach for your current needs.

Improve Team Communication. Enhance relationships.
Boost Productivity.

Leadership Coaching’s team of internationally established Co-Active® facilitators have over 15 years of experience and have facilitated over 4000 people.

Our interactive, hands-on Co-Active® retreats offer a multitude of benefits to your Management, HR and Teams

  • Learn how you impact your team as an individual and a leader
  • Push them to the next level
  • Build trust and awareness between team members
  • Motivate and empower them to own their work
  • Create a clear action plan to develop your team
  • Realign and reconnect them to the company vision

Sample Themes for Customized Retreats

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