Educational Institution Retreats

Tailor-made Retreats for Educators and Staff

Recharge your emotional batteries. Despite being surrounded by energetic students all day, there’s very little time to spend with colleagues. Often the occasions on which we do connect tend to be points of conflict. Maybe you’ve been there: attending department meetings, yawning, hungry, and energy drained at the end of the school day. Once you strip away the school year and the demands and procedures that come with it, teachers can actually learn from each other, collaborate on ideas, and simply relate.  Our retreats provide time and space for teachers to be with each other and build stronger relationships.

Research strongly indicates that a school with satisfied teachers and successful inspired students is the direct result of a well-run and happy management and staff who enjoy effective communication. Continuing and enhancing your school’s success, high standards, and reputation require continuous effort, learning, and evolution.

Our interactive, hands-on Co-Active® retreats offer a multitude of benefits to teachers, head staff, management and administration.

  • Boost productivity
  • Spread positivity among teachers, students, and parents
  • Find alignment and viable solutions in times of conflict
  • Create a clearer understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Bring forward diversity for creating unity among faculty
  • Generate a dynamic culture of communication in the school
  • Learn to tap into your strengths and to those that you work with
  • Build trust
  • Unify your team
  • Improve communication

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