Meet our Co-Leaders

Meet Our Co-Leaders

Our Co-Leaders will encourage you, guide you, prod you, tickle you, and inspire you to unlock the tools you need to journey on your path. Expect to emerge with a much more far-reaching vision of your life, new superpowers, and new perspectives.

Sue Aspinall
Tony Barton
Dori Ben-Chanoch
Patrice Birot
Donatella Canella
Ronnie Clifford
Anne Eggen-Johansen
Konstantina Kanaroglou
Rania Labaki
Carmen Lence
Mark Leruste
Karen Makkes van der Deijl
Emi Nevaro
Yves-Pascal Pelcener
Marlene Philippou
Clemente Pinedo
Borja Raventos
Martin Richards
Barış Toy
Anat Treister-Goren
Frank Uit de Weerd
Tolis Volonasis
Naomi Ward
Gülsün Zeytinoglu

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