My Story

I spent 20 years working in sales, marketing and commercial roles, and 10 years as a software engineer. I am now a Master Certified Coach and Leadership Trainer, and there is nothing I like more than mentoring others to bring these approaches to their work.

I mainly coach corporate executives and coaches in training, as well as a host of people in between. I deliver leadership training and personal development coaching for IBM UK, working at all levels within the organization to maximize the human potential that is available.

My passion is to create authentic leadership with my clients and in my workshops, regardless of where leadership is required. Be it in the boardroom, in the home or the community, I enthusiastically work with people to encourage them to create their most authentic and powerful self, therefore having more impact with less effort.

I split my time in the UK between London and Devon. I am a keen traveler and love to work with people. I am never happier than when I am with my close friends and family, or singing in the choir.

Professional Experience

Master Coach, Mentor and Leadership Trainer, IBM (Apr 2008 – Present)

Front of Room Leader – CTI (Feb 2007 – Present)

Leadership Coach and Trainer, IBM UK Ltd (Jul 1988 – Present)

Sales/Marketing/Business Development Executive, IBM UK (Jul 1988 – Apr 2007)

Education & Certifications


Evocative Leadership Mastery (ELMC)

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC)

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCC)

Ehama Institute – New Mexico (Evocative Leadership Mastery Spiritual Intelligence)

Intercultural Development Inventory (Certified Inclusion and Diversity Grade, Certified)

The Leadership Circle Certification (Organizational Leadership)

ORSC Training – Systems Intelligence

CTI Leadership training – Personal & Professional Development

CTI Coach Training – Coach Training & Certification


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