My Story

As the mother of 3 and a member of a 5th generation family business, the significance of relationships within both my family and the business world has always held a special place in my heart. It has been a vital part of my journey towards fostering healthier and more effective communication.

Driven by my upbringing and my passion for self-discovery, my transformative path took a significant turn in 2012 when I embarked on my Co-Active® coaching journey. This experience completely revolutionised my outlook on life. Personal development became the compass guiding me towards greater self-awareness, empowering me to lead a more conscious, emotionally fulfilling and meaningful life. Through this journey, I found my voice, firmly believing that true motivation begins from within. I am steadfastly committed to continuous growth, exploration, learning and recovery, each and every day.

Striving to create a more wholesome world, I founded Leadership Coaching in 2016, an online/offline platform that empowers individuals to construct the environment they need to thrive in both their personal lives and businesses. Leadership Coaching provides personal development resources by highly experienced Co-Active® facilitators to family businesses, educational institutions, and organisations. Its clientele and partners includes esteemed organisations, such as EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) Greece, the Family Business Network (FBN) Greece and CRR Global (Greece/Cyprus).

I hold a BA in Film and French and I am a certified CPCC and ACC coach, an ORSC practitioner  and a Co-Active® leadership facilitator, while I worked as a kindergarten teacher at the onset of my career. Having lived in various countries, I now call Greece home, where I live with my family and cherished pets, but I have a passion for travelling to Africa. I speak fluent English, Greek and French and very much look forward to connecting with you.

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Professional Experience

2016 – present Founder of Leadership Coaching

2012 – present Co-Active® Coach

2000-2005 Nursery teacher, Play & Learn


Education & Certifications

BA Film Studies and French, North London University

ORSC Practitioner, CRR Global, Istanbul, 2016

Firework Career Coach, London, 2016

Gozaam Parentology/Relate Course, Geneva 2015

The Co-Active® CTI Leadership Program, 10 month-program Sitges 2015

Certified Co-Active® Coach, CPCC The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), London 2014)

ICF Accredited, ACC

FFI (Family Firm Institute) Global Conference, Chicago 2017)



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