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Are you leading your life or is your life leading you?

In 2012, I began my journey as a Co-Active® coach, CPCC, ACC ORSC Practitioner. I work closely with individuals, educators and parents to support them in their journey of personal development. Nobody gets to be right or wrong when it comes to your own fulfillment. Fulfillment is such a personal thing. I guide you through a process of self-awareness that enables you to consciously create the life you really want. Together we will identify your key values and unfold how they impact the choices you make. In my coaching practice, I lead with compassion whilst at the same time, empowering you to take charge and begin to transform your life. Beyond words, coaching can be very powerful and will help you gain more clarity and more confidence, and strategize more appropriate actions. You will be more aware of your intended and unintended impact on your relationships. You rediscover your unique attributes and dive into a more meaningful and fulfilled approach to life.

I help you build a stronger relationship with your Self and others and together we explore your resourcefulness and creativity as a whole.  Growth and fulfillment start from within because we honor who we are and who we are consciously choosing to be. 

Professional Experience & Clients

2019 – present CRR Global partner

2016 – present Founder of Leadership Coaching

2012 – present Co-Active® Coach

2000-2005 Nursery teacher, Play & Learn

My Education & Certifications

Founder, Leadership Coaching, 2016

BA Film Studies and French, North London University

ORSC Practitioner, CRR Global, Istanbul, 2016

Firework Career Coach, London, 2016

Gozaam Parentology/Relate Course, Geneva 2015

The Co-Active® CTI Leadership Program, 10 month-program Sitges 2015

Certified Co-Active® Coach, CPCC The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), London 2014)



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