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Who knows best what leads to your fulfilment other than you?

Fulfilment is highly personal, and a coach provides a safe space for your unique self-expression to flourish. Through coaching, you gain insights into yourself and acquire skills for building stronger, more meaningful relationships.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions, we embark on a journey through your personal landscape. I create a secure, non-judgmental and confidential space where you can simply be yourself. There are no right or wrong answers. You’ll come to trust that whatever unfolds is perfect as it is, enabling you to fully embrace your humanity. We embark on a voyage of self-awareness, helping you make sense of your direction by checking in with your internal compass and realigning your path. Gradually, you become more present, conscious and purposeful as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Our sessions involve deep conversations, providing you with opportunities for reflection within a co-created process. Coaching is a collaborative endeavour, where we identify your goals, values and sources of inspiration, as well as the obstacles that stand in your way. You can rely on me to continuously guide you back to your areas of focus and core values. With an empowered perspective, you’ll be better equipped to move forward with confidence and purpose. Realigning with your authentic self helps you to take charge and transform your life.

I’m here to empower, encourage and support you on your quest for insight. As a result of our sessions, you will experience greater fulfilment in being exactly who you are. When you regain trust in yourself, positivity surges, and the feeling of being stuck or numb gives way to a newfound awareness that guides you toward your next steps. It’s your self-awareness that drives the process, and the answers
you seek reside within you.


Professional Experience & Clients

2019 – present CRR Global partner

2016 – present Founder of Leadership Coaching

2012 – present Co-Active® Coach

2000-2005 Nursery teacher, Play & Learn

My Education & Certifications

Founder, Leadership Coaching, 2016

BA Film Studies and French, North London University

ORSC Practitioner, CRR Global, Istanbul, 2016

Firework Career Coach, London, 2016

Gozaam Parentology/Relate Course, Geneva 2015

The Co-Active® CTI Leadership Program, 10 month-program Sitges 2015

Certified Co-Active® Coach, CPCC The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), London 2014)



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