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I am a certified co-active Leadership coach and trainer (CPCC), an ORSC practitioner, a Leadership Circle Profile practitioner (TLCC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. I serve as faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest in-person coaching and training institute in the world. As managing partner for the Human Centric Leaders, I am part of an international alliance of cross functional leadership and team coaching experts. I hold a PhD in Molecular Biology from Michigan State University, USA and have worked at top universities in both Europe and the US, where I have served for 15 years as scientist, project manager, mentor and trainer.

I support individuals, teams and organizations to gain clarity and focus during times of change and uncertainty. I help them to recognize their unique leadership style, so they can:
– develop a unique strategic vision and strong foundation
– understand their impact what’s important and what needs to happen
– confidently engage in difficult conversations to create but-in and win-win
– create strong connections through by having courageous open-hearted conversations that build trust, commitment, and a shared vision.

I see big pictures and patterns and turn complexity into simplicity. My curiosity and intuition combined to my analytical skills guide me to see what makes you unique and most compelling. I bring authenticity in service of clarity and purpose. I help you to:
– discover the leader in you: your values, what drives you and your unique impact;
– get clear, map and firmly articulate your vision for the future;
– challenge and get rid of limiting-beliefs/fears/mindsets that hold you back;
– make it happen: turning your powerful vision into a concrete action plan;
– turn your ‘failures’ into great opportunities.

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