My Story

I am a lawyer, coach, nature lover, and multi-passionate creative.

I am passionate about getting to know myself – constantly diving deeper into me and my life. There is always something to learn. I don’t think that we need to make bold moves and hard choices to change what we are not happy with. So often, small changes will have a huge effect on our lives and wellbeing. Imagine doing a 1-degree course correction while sailing – were will that take you over the course of 1 year?  To a totally different place than if you hadn’t made that 1-degree change, right?

In coaching, I  motivate you to have brave conversations and make the choices that will change your life – one step at a time. I know that small and aligned changes can have a huge impact on your life. As a coach I’m always honest, never judgmental. I hold a space where all of you is welcome and loved as you are.

My Professional Experience

I am a lawyer with in depth knowledge in the intellectual property field and have a keen interest in technology.

I have college education in outdoor adventure activities.


Education & Certifications

Playing Big Facilitator training – a training specifically for women Tara Mohr

Leadership Program, Coaches Training Institute

Certification Co-Active Coaching, Coaches Training Institute

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