My Story

I am a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Co-Active® Coach experienced in developing business professionals, specially those working or considering going into family businesses – or making a break from it to forge their own path. My focus on family business is born out of my passion for family enterprises and my desire to help next-generation leaders take ownership of their lives and careers.

Whether a client wishes to find his or her place within the family business or hopes to leverage existing experience to pursue alternatives, including entrepreneurship, I am able to provide coaching, training and leadership development, helping them identify their goals and develop and implement action plans to meet them.

Furthermore, as a credentialed family business adviser, I am equipped to provide guidance on matters such as succession planning, ownership, and conflict resolution within the family enterprise.

Professional Experience & Clients

I have several years of work experience in management at corporations and family businesses. Also, I have had the opportunity to live and work in different countries where I have always contributed to positively impact the entrepreneurial community. As an example, I worked as leadership coach, facilitator and consultant for Women’s Initiative in San Francisco, an ONG that helps low-income women to create and run their own businesses. Later on, during the time I lived in Greece, I worked to create a Family Business Association that would promote educational events and networking for family business in Greece. From 2017 to 2019 I have worked as an Executive Coach and Facilitator in Berkeley Executive coaching Institute . I am now the CEO of  Group Leche Rio S.A. 

My Education & Certifications

Babson Certification for Entrepreneurship Educators, Babson Business School, Boston, USA (2016)

Leading the Family Business, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland (2004)

International M.B.A., Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain (2000)

Certified Executive Coach (2012)

Executive Coaching Institute, Berkeley University, Berkeley, USA (

Trained to serve as both communication coach and behavioral coach.Certified Co-Active® Coach (2011)

The Coaches Training Institute, Madrid, Spain 


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