My Story

My work revolves around creating a more conscious leadership, and the impact mental health & emotional intelligence has on forming deeper connections, and our capacity to heal and grow. My approach to leadership is strongly influenced by my beliefs about coaching, and its power to influence change.

My role as career and leadership coach involves working across several local governments in London with a variety of social work managers. My work equips them with the leadership abilities to develop their teams, helping them to own a sense of purpose and direction. I support managers to get to positions where they can exert greater influence. In this context, I also work with a social work trainer provider, supporting newly-qualified social workers, leading them to develop a greater self-management capacity, and capacity to relate to others with empathy and assertiveness.

Through my work within the criminal justice system I support young people in their transition from being in custody and in prison back into their communities. Recently I have been involved in the biggest leadership development and culture change programme ever developed for London’s Metropolitan Police Service, which focuses on preparing the next generations of leaders.


My Professional Experience

11 years working as a coach and facilitator:

Career & Leadership Development Advisor at Firstline, Leadership Programme for Managers

Coach at Sanctus, Mental Health at the Workplace

Career & Life Coach & Facilitator at Charis, Gender Equality at the Workplace

Leadership Coach at Frontline, Leadership Social Work Training Programme

Head Coach and Facilitator at Spark Inside, Taking Coaching into Prisons


My Education & Certifications

Higher Education:

MBA with Minor in Coaching and Leadership, EADA Business School

Masters in Cultural Management, Barcelona University

Diploma in Cultural Cooperation, Barcelona University

Social Sciences, Pontifical Catholic University

Photo and Video Portfolio, Tower Hamlets College

Location Television Production, South Thames College

Video Production, Morley College



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