My Story

My mission is to present a coaching approach to the school world. I lecture for high school students and hold training courses in a coaching approach for teachers and school leaders so that the desired changes in school become faster and easier.

I am a Mentor, Coach, and Trainer, and work to ensure that a coaching approach is implemented and used correctly in the school world.

An experienced educator and supervisor, I have designed and implemented hundreds of successful development programs for individuals and groups for more than two decades.

My Professional Experience

2014- present Founder of Coaching for Educators C4E Platform

2002 – present Owner of Martin Richards AB

2014 – 2018 Travelling Teacher-Coach at Skolcoacherna

2018 – 2019 Coach at GFSAK

2016-2017 Coach at Lexicon Väst

2016-2017 Employment Consultant at Arbetslivsresurs

2009 – 2010 Consultant Pomona Balance AB

2008 – 2010 Co-Leader CTI Education Niche

2008-2014 Founder of CoachInvest

2009-2012 Visionary Organiser at Global Coach Conference

1990-2015 Lead Business English trainer at DirectLine

1990 – 2012 Owner Under&Över Business Communication AB

Education & Certifications

ORSC® Coaching, CRR Global 

CTI Co-active® Coaching (2007-2008)

ACC Coach, ICF (2008)

Sussex University Postgraduates, PGCE, Education  (1977)

University of Sussex, BSc Mathematics and Computer Science (1974 – 1977)

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