My Story

I help leaders and managers shift from a reactive, “playing not to lose” strategy, to an authentic, Proactive, “Playing to Win” leadership approach.  Based on a vast business background, I know that effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders every time! Hence it’s even more crucial in this day and age of rapid change and volatility to harness one’s creative strengths and unique talents though upgrading your “internal operating system”.

Professional Experience

Prior to transitioning to executive coaching and leadership development, I was a successful business owner and a top sales producer in the financial services industry in North America. I also served in the armed forces and was a member of an elite air-borne unit. My background in leadership training and coaching includes several key roles and functions for the acclaimed Coach Training Institute (CTI), such as Global Director of Corporate Training & Development, leader of the prestigious one year Leadership Program, Read more...

Education & Certifications

Professional Certified Co-Active® Coach (CPCC)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Certified Behavioral Coach (By Marshall Goldsmith)

Certified in The Leadership Circle (TLC) 360 feedback assessment tool

Certified in Team Coaching International (TCI) team assessment diagnostic


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