My Story

Hi, I am Susanne.  While living and loving abroad for nearly 20 years, on 4 different continents and raising 3 wonderful children, busy as I was, I never felt I was living my true life purpose.  Waking up one morning unable to walk, sit or stand due to excruciating back pain, I realized that I did a lot of what I was supposed to do but not what I really wanted to do. This made me intensify my quest for a way of helping myself while serving others.

In becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I’ve made it my mission to serve those who can’t wait any longer to lead a fulfilled life with purpose and create meaningful impact with everything they do on their terms.

In our performance and outcome-rewarding environment, we sometimes feel stuck in situations and lose sight of the impact our decisions have on others. Where are we giving our power away? Where do we blame, numb, avoid or even give up instead of steering our boat according to our unique values, special talents and potential we have?

With my holistic approach to coaching and my “tough love” style, I enable my clients to shed light on what aspects in life they have neglected and focus on what they can control in the here and now.  You move from “Argh, this is all too much”, “I am stuck”, “I just don’t know how to tackle this decision”, and “I don’t even know what I want any more” to “Wow! This is so amazing! I love the way I am with my family and friends”, “I never saw it this way but this makes so much sense”, “I will go into the meeting with a clear intention now”, “I feel in control and not in chaos anymore”….

My Professional Experience

Professional Life coaching since 2016

Coaching and managing my family through life and moving countries and continents for almost 20 years

Working in family-owned business in customer relations

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs in a lovely Bavarian village taught me the importance of community whilst maintaining individuality Read more...


Education & Certifications

Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) with CTI

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF

Training in Leaderhip and Relationship Coaching

Colour- and Style Coach training with A. Lindner, K. Hunkel, S. Franzen, Germany

Courses in Interior Design with Full Circle Design, Dubai

Diploma as lab- technician medicine, Germany


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