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The story behind Leadership Coaching

To make the world a better place!

At the core of our vision is to bring the best coaches, tools and leadership skills to your doorstep. Inspired by CTI’s (Coaches Training Institute) curriculum, leadership program, and their breakthrough Co-Active® Coaching Model, we have assembled a team of internationally established CTI faculty carefully selected for their quality and diversity. They share our vision and together we take a powerful stand by making these services accessible to more people and new markets.

Leadership Coaching provides workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions that empower you, the participant, to unearth your talents and accelerate your personal and professional development. We offer ICF certification programs and tailor-made workshops in the fields of Family Business, Education, Corporate & Retreats and Personal Development.

Learning to communicate in new ways with our children, parents, teachers and colleagues in a rapidly changing world of technology is vital. How we build on our relationships is important. Globalization is forcing organizations to shift, and the educational system to reinvent itself.  This is an opportunity for challenge and growth. By embracing the unknown and letting go of your fears you can truly evolve. At Leadership Coaching, our internationally acclaimed programs are at the forefront of personal development and leadership and give you the tools to get there.

By running experiential, innovative and insightful workshops and programs that ignite discussion and inspire positive relationships, we hope to encourage people to live their lives in a whole new way. Having experienced these workshops first hand, and their impact on the community, relationships, self-expression, and businesses, we realized there was a great need for these programs to be spread. The Co-Active® Model is a philosophy, a methodology, a skillset and a communication form that is applied to business, education, medical institutions, government, communities, and families across the globe.

Be the leader of your life!


Meet the Team

What is the Co-Active® Coaching Model?

The Co-Active® method is comprised of two distinct areas, that balance each other:

The ‘Co’ in Co-Active® focuses on relationships and the need for connection and collaboration. By honing communication skills that range from listening to nurturing, one begins to make momentous changes to the way one lives and interacts.

The hyphen is important as it represents “both-and”.

The ‘Active’ in Co-Active® can be read as a command. There can be no change without action, and achieving your goals will require clarity, conviction, and direction.

The Co-Active® Model
What is the role of a Co-Active® coach?

Coaching is about having someone that believes in you and encourages you. It’s about receiving valuable feedback, seeing things from new perspectives, and setting your sights on new horizons. 

A Co-Active® coach will support and hold you accountable and help you move forward towards your goal by providing tools and techniques.  This unique, revolutionary approach guides and inspires you to lead a more balanced, fulfilled and purposeful life.