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I am a certified ICF accredited Co-Active®  Leadership coach and trainer (CPCC), and a faculty member of CTI, the largest in-person coaching and training institute in the world. As Managing Partner for the Human Centric Leaders, I am part of an international alliance of cross-functional leadership and team coaching experts. I hold a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Michigan State University, USA and have worked at top universities in both Europe and the US, where I have served for 15 years as a scientist, project manager, mentor, and trainer. My clients include Hilti, Roche, the Global Fund, UCB Pharma, NATO, Carfgill, TEVA Pharma.
In addition to my supporting teams and organizations to gain clarity and focus during times of change and uncertainty, I also work very closely with individuals looking to improve their relationships. I help them to recognize their unique parenting style, so they can improve their communication skills, while supporting them to have courageous, open-hearted conversations, in order to build trust and develop strong, healthy family interactions and relationships.
I am currently based in Switzerland, and I am fluent in English & Italian, with a strong command of French. I love adventure in everything, be it exploring the outdoors, having fun & deep conversations with friends or reading a good book.

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