Karen Makkes van der Deijl

Live your life to the fullest. I challenge you to enjoy it, get the most out of it and not just survive.

About Me

My name is Karen Makkes van der Deijl and my motto is “live life to the fullest”. That is what I try to do every day and that is what I wish for everyone that I coach. People who dare to follow their heart give me energy, whether it is in their work, personal life, as an individual or as a team. Nothing gives me more pleasure than passionate people.

I love it when people have the courage to make choices based on who they are and what they really want. When people are able to lead their own life (and not the life that others think they should have) then, according to me, they get the best out of life.

If people only gain insights during our coaching then I am not satisfied. It is important that they act on those insights. Change doesn’t mean a thing if it’s just on paper or in your head. Courage and action are necessary to make the changes real and to really live life to the fullest.

Whether you want to work on your leadership qualities, to achieve better cooperation within your team or to accelerate personal growth in your work or private life, I would love to work with you and can certainly help you with personal development and growth.

Certifications and Degrees Professional and Life Experience


“Karen is very personal and involved. Her presence, calm and yet energising style is remarkable. Sessions with her are always enthralling, each time created new insights, ideas and questions. Time with her flew by and she was able to stimulate me with the right questions that sent me in a good direction. I enjoyed our collaboration. It was really nice to get to know Karen!” N. Delgoshaie, Senior manager Accenture 

“Karen is a sparkling, strong woman with a lot of intuition. She has a passionate way of coaching and takes you where you didn’t know you dared to go… She’s a honest and social colleague with a nice sense of humour. A good companion for a difficult task.” Marcel Herwegh, Team & Career Coach

“Karen is a very energising coach and always looks on the bright side of life. She is a joy to work with!” Rob de Winter, Owner Yacht Restoration

“Karen coached me and my team in a long term project. We met twice a month for a period of four months. During that period Karen managed to give me and my team useful advice on how to improve our cooperation and make the team more effective. She was always energetic and focused. After the official programme ended, I asked her to coach some team members some more. I’m positive she will do a great job again.” Siemen Cox, RotterZwam

“I got to know Karen as an enthusiastic coach, always looking for opportunities to make a team stronger and to improve her client’s function and performance. In my experience, she really can add value when people are inclined to get lost in their own technical issues, thereby being blind to the role of communication and social context. And, not unimportant, Karen is, as far as I can see, really interested in people.” Erik Tornij, Actuary at Nationale-Nederlanden