Newsletter: Why No? Because you said so…

Warren Buffet used to say that the most important thing we can do as human beings to feel truly complete is to have the freedom to control our time. And the only way to do that is by SAYING NO. Otherwise, someone else will always decide for us, without us!

However, it does not always have to do with saying NO. The reality is that we are always at choice. Everything is our choice. Yes or no is our choice. Whether someone else will decide for us is also a choice we make!

WHAT is important about being at choice? Because life is movement; it is evolution. All that matters is who we are becoming. And our actions impact how close we are to honoring our truth. Your life is always playing out in the present moment. What you choose now, in this moment, determines where you will be tomorrow. 

We may think we need a better job or more money or more friends in our lives to be happy. And this is indeed a perspective.

But if we shift our perspective, then our thoughts change too. What would we think and how would we act if we thought NO, we do not need a better job to be happy. NO we do not need more money to be happy.

Every moment, we have everything we need and we are exactly where we need to be. Trust the process of your journey…

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Inspiration Window

What is guilt…

Our lives are moving rapidly and we are running behind them to catch up. Yet, a few minutes are enough to find ourselves in balance again with who we really are.

Right now, taking a deep breath, listen… What is your body telling you? Maybe it feels stiff and wants you to get up from the chair?

With every thought, move and action, we get to decide in every moment, who we want to be. And the better we are with what we do in the moment, the closer we are to becoming who we really are and in this way building our self-esteem.

Continuously pushing yourself to extremes throws you out of balance. Give yourself permission to do what you really want without regrets. After all, feeling guilty only allows you to not love yourself and that kills any chance that you could love another…

“Guilt is the feeling that keeps you stuck in who you are NOT. You will not grow through guilt but only shrivel! Awareness is what you seek.”

N. Walsch 

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