Experiential Webinar: Feedback, Giving and Receiving

Join us and our senior Faculty Co-Active® facilitators for a series of 4 Experiential masterclass webinars that focus on key communication skills!

Each webinar is highly experiential and focuses on a key skill, where we dive deep and fully explore the learnings.

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Experiential Webinar: Feedback, Giving and Receiving

Be honest, how do you feel about giving feedback? Are you in the category ‘avoids difficult conversations at all cost’ or ‘leaves trail of destruction in their wake’?

What would you like your relationship to giving and receiving feedback to be? With your colleagues? With your peers? With your family and friends? How can you nurture growth and connection vs defensiveness and low self esteem when giving feedback?

Challenging conversations can be embraced when coming from a place of resonance.

Learn how to give and receive feedback with grace:

  • Explore Feedback techniques
  • Explore the Range of Conversations and identify your primary style
  • Explore “soft startups” and acknowledgments

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Webinar Series: buy three webinars and get the fourth for free 

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Experiential Webinar: Feedback, Giving and Receiving
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Available dates: 

16 December 2020

17 February 2021

19:00 – 20:30 EEST



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