Newsletter: This year is about to end. Are we ready?

This Christmas, and actually this whole year, now more than ever, it’s important, to not only think about the people in our lives and what we want to DO with them but also to think about how we want to BE with them.

Our relationships, their dynamics, our balances.

It helps to be more intentional about “how do WE want to react” when situations become difficult or uncomfortable BEFORE they do.

One way to self manage is by turning on our observer switch! Imagine a video camera above your head and push the PAUSE button on to simply observe.

Do we sometimes react differently when something happens that’s not in line with the image we want to portray? What could we possibly change to help us improve our communication with our people?

We urge you to just BE present, this Christmas. No matter where you are – virtually or physically. Embrace and accept the expectations that accompany the fact that we belong to a family! Listen, with open hearts and minds, to opinions and views, without judging them or taking anything personally! Practice noticing when you are taking things personally. Give yourself and others permission to recover and allow for time and space to shift the energy.

Often, for the one who’s talking, being HEARD, is enough. It is enough to hear the request or acknowledge the opinion without having to agree with it, without any further action on our part!

Wishing you and your loved ones Happy holidays in the present tense!

Let’s not worry about the future tenses…for now!

With love,

Leadership Coaching Team

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