Making Co-Active Leadership Accessible for All

“When access is limited for one, it’s limited for all.” ~Helen House

As Co-Active leaders, we embrace the responsibility of creating our world together with others in our environment, each moment of every day. We are called into full engagement, not only with ourselves, but also in every interaction.

It is this rich engagement of internal and external that demands that we are fully present and open to stretching into situations and circumstances that are beyond our normal purview of comfort. Here, we find ourselves stretched to embrace new capacities within ourselves, as we inspire others to do the same.

In Co-Active leadership, then, we aim continually to delve within, to unlock access to the parts of ourselves we have previously denied. And in doing so, we open the opportunity for others to do the same, just as a mirror that, once polished, offers a clearer and more brilliant reflection of all that passes before it.

Yet when access for one individual is limited, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, those around them are also deprived of the full magnificence that they may otherwise bring to bear.

Inspired by the life, work and loving memory of Art Shirk, Helen House has committed to raise funds to purchase an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and donate it to the Bend of Ivy lodge, to increase access to CTI’s residential Co-Active leadership program for those with unique challenges.

To date, over half of the funds have been raised, yet there is a long way to go. Join us in infusing the Co-Active leadership program with amplified access for all!

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