Paying Attention to the impact we have….

It is interesting to me to ‘simply notice’ that we all (sweeping generalisation) go about not really thinking about the impact we want to have.  No really, in every interaction you are having with everyone you are with, everyone you talk to, or not, you are having an impact – don’t you think that it would be powerful to be conscious about the impact you want to have?  I quote myself from the realisation I had of this, I said ‘I’m having an impact anyway, I may as well be conscious of what I want that impact to be!’.

So, why don’t we do this? What stops us bringing a positive energy into the discussions we have with loved ones, for instance? I know for me personally, I am more likely to think about it before I do my work, before a Coaching call or before leading a workshop and definitely before I go to an important meeting.  Yet, when it comes to the people I love, rarely do I think about the energy I want to bring into those discussions.

I wondered for years about ‘unintended impact’, is that about me? or is it about the other person? does it matter if its not intentional? and what became clear to me recently is that it really does matter, and not just with the interactions with other, but also with the interactions I have with myself.

If I am at peace with myself and being kind, loving, nurturing and nourishing to myself, physically, mentally and emotionally then the energy I bring to my relationships with others, is kind, loving, etc etc… and I can be less conscious because I know it is my ‘way of being’, if however, I am not being all those positive things then I will bring another kind of energy to my relationships!

How are you in relationship with yourself?
How do you talk to yourself?
How balanced is your life? and I don’t just mean work and home…
How do you nurture yourself and nourish yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally?
What energies do you bring to those around you?
Are they intentional energies? Or unconscious?
What is your intended or unintended impact?

Dig around, see what you find.  Be curious about what you become aware of, don’t judge yourself – it is what it is.  The real question is, What do you want to do about it? Or even how do you want to BE about it!

Sending love to you all and as we prepare for Christmas around the world, bring positive loving energy to those you love, take care of yourself and love and nurture yourself and those around you.  As you do this ‘simply notice’ the impact on yourself and others……..Rx

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