Team Coaching

Assess Your Team. Shift Your Mindset. Make A Difference.

Significantly advancing your team’s performance…

In Team Coaching, your team will be evaluated on 14 attributes in two areas: Productivity Competencies and Positivity Competencies. Attributes like team accountability, alignment, decision-making, communication, respect and camaraderie will be assessed. Teams that excel in both areas are high performing and sustainable.

As a leader, you’re judged on the results of your team. Team Coaching is an excellent method for shifting your mindset from leadership of individuals to whole team leadership and, ultimately, measuring your impact.

Learning Outcomes of
Team Coaching

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Start with a Discovery Session to explore why you want team coaching
  • Undergo a Team Diagnostic™ where each team member’s characteristics, preferences and performance are measured and assessed
  • Be assessed as a whole team
  • Meet with the certified team coach to discuss assessment results, agree on action plans and receive training
  • Undergo a final Team Diagnostic™ to measure improvements in performance

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for team leaders and team members.


How long is this workshop?

You’ll experience several sessions over six months and monthly online coaching calls.

Your Workshop Leaders Are:

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