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Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together…is success!

Henry Ford

Exclusive, engaging and interactive Leadership Retreats for team and leadership development.

Company retreats can be the catalyst for bringing out the best in your top leaders and positioning your organization to surpass its goals. An opportunity for you and your key executives to refocus your vision, redefine your mission and reenergize your leadership practices.

Leadership Coaching provides experiential, innovative and insightful workshops, based on CTI’s Co-Active® Coaching Model, designed to boost productivity, unlock individual and group potential, streamline organizational function, and inspire successful communication and leadership.


Today’s leadership teams need time away together to build stronger relationships and focus on important leadership team dynamics, as well as key issues & opportunities for positive change.

  • Increase awareness of your individual impact and range as a leader
  • Discover how to leap forward as a leader or as a team
  • Begin to create a clear action plan for team development
  • Create deeper levels of trust and self-awareness within a team
  • Empower, inspire and allow the team to do their jobs

Leadership Coaching’s team of internationally established, certified Co-Active® facilitators have over 15 years experience and have facilitated over 4000 people.  Clients include Siemens, Sony, Marine Traffic, Cana Pharmaceutical Laboratories, ING Bank, Panasonic, Vodafone, P&G, Pfizer, Ericsson and Monsoon·Accessorize just to name a few.

Discover powerful connections to your vision, strengths, and people!

There are different models for getting you through this process, some more appropriate than others depending on your situation. Here’s a sample of what you can do/choose from. And, we’ll guide you and your team in choosing the right approach for your current needs.

  • Leadership Circle Profile
    • Exploring which behaviors are ‘reactive’ and which are ‘Creative’
    • Looking at strategies to move to a more Creative approach
  • Dimensional Leadership
    • Introducing the 5 dimensions
    • Experiencing each dimension in an interactive way, including developing purpose and vision, and using basic coaching skills
  • Coaching as a Leadership Style
    • An introduction to, and practice in the core coaching skills
    • Learning how and when to apply these at work
  • Teams Diagnostic Assessment & Performance
    • Introduction to the 14 Team Performance Indicators
    • Learning about Team Toxins

Come and experience the most exciting, empowering and transformational executive retreats!

Our Leadership Retreats are customized to the needs of your team and can include activities such as:

·        Indoor/outdoor climbing ·        Cooking
·        Walking ·        Art therapy
·        Rafting ·        Storytelling
·        Bicycle rides

We guarantee that your team will walk away more connected, more trusting and more unified.


  • Hotel/Resort
  • Villa/Mansion – ideal for smaller groups/teams
  • Destination Retreats – anywhere outside of Company’s city headquarters


Our retreats take place in Greece though we are happy and able to organize and host them in any location you desire!


Our executive retreats are fairly priced and are dependent upon variables like the number of days facilitated, location and number of attendees.  We’ll get a quote right back to you.

Allow us to exceed your expectations!