Family Business and Dimensional Leadership

Strengthen Family Relationships ● Inspire Unity ● Activate Multi-Generational Success

Change your family business dynamic for the better

Family businesses are a unique ecosystem, and collaboration and understanding are the foundation of every family business team. Learn how to better understand and gain more clarity of your role in the business and family and how to tap into the strengths and abilities of other family members.

In this customized workshop, you’ll experience and fully engage in the renowned Co-Active® leadership model. This transformative, awareness-based approach to leadership will change your family business dynamic for the better and give you the tools to make sure your business continues for future generations.

Learning Outcomes of Family Business and Dimensional Leadership

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Use the ‘Coach Approach’ to improve your leadership skills
  • Learn how to perform better within your family business
  • Find your authentic and unique leadership voice
  • Create a culture where personal development is key for growth
  • Increase the trust and awareness between family members

Who is this workshop for?

Any family member who works in or will work in the business


How long is this workshop?

Two days & can also be tailor-made according to your needs

Your Workshop Leaders Are:

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