Workshop | Educator as Coach

A new Mindset focused on a Collaborative Approach

Shift your Perspective | Experience Transformative Growth Witness Positive Performance Impact

Building and cultivating relationships provides the groundwork for transformative growth and that’s exactly what coaching does. Coaching is a partnership that accelerates individuals toward a higher level of performance; a deliberate process that is the catalyst for genuine, open conversations and constructive environments.

In this 2-day workshop you will experience coaching, training and practical experience in the techniques of a Collaborative Approach to leadership. A coaching approach to leadership can make a difference to how you manage, lead and interact with people. Learn powerful skills that are transferable to relationships with colleagues, administrators, parents and students.

Learning Outcomes of Workshop | Educator as Coach

  • Explore how you can apply the Collaborative Approach to your leadership
  • Learn how to create an environment of trust that accelerates the development of your staff, faculty and students
  • Understand how to coach in a way that results in clear agreements
  • Examine your individual impact and range as a leader
  • Master effective communication skills that develop self-reliance throughout your educational institution

Who is this workshop for?



Department heads


who want to level up their communication & leadership skills


How long is this workshop?

2 days


*Tailor-made according to your needs

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