Workshop | Easier Parenting

Life’s best work should be no work at all

From autopilot to intentional parenthood

How often is your relationship with your child intentional? Parenting can often be a most challenging experience. This workshop is designed to offer you new ways to look at parenting and provide you with skills and tools to make the journey easier. Find a better balance in the relationship with your child. Develop the way you communicate with your children, learn ways to recover from conflict and move towards recreating a dynamic of love, trust and growth.

It is important to renew the way you see yourself as a parent as well as the way you see your child in order to refresh the relationship. We help you come from a place of curiosity, non-judgmental and non-assuming that gives you perspectives from which to grow the relationship and go from surviving to thriving parenting.

Learning Outcomes of Workshop | Easier Parenting

  • Design an intentional relationship with your children
  • Discover your core qualities and your pitfalls
  • Empower yourself and your kids
  • Learn core communication and dialogue skills
  • See the toxins in relationships and find recovery strategies

Who is this workshop for?



Anyone interested in parenting – personal development

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