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Who is Fundamentals of ORSC™ (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching) for?

  • Professional Coaches 
  • Coaches who want to develop a new market niche
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors 
  • Talent Development Experts

In this 2-day accredited virtual course, you will explore a groundbreaking model for coaching teams, families, couples and organizations. Whether your practice area is personal coaching, family therapy or business coaching, the ORSC model will change the way you work. Our emerging future is one rooted in change. Guide your clients to respond with agility and resilience.

Are you coaching clients who are experiencing…

  • Poor or toxic communication patterns
  • Disengaged teams and low morale
  • Uncertainty in these times
  • Conflict avoidance or poor conflict resolution
  • Low creativity, low productivity
  • Loss of clarity and unity in professional and personal life
  • Loss of purpose and motivation
  • Role confusion or poorly occupied roles

What will you learn in Fundamentals of ORSC™?

This course is highly interactive, and tool-rich, and provides research and theory to set the context.  You will be introduced to a cutting edge coaching model based on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching™ and Taoism.

At its core is an evolution of the principles of Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself), and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) to Relationship Systems Intelligence, (where the focus is on the collective wisdom of the group, team or system). The basic principle of RSI is the redirection of focus from the individuals within the system, to the whole system as an entity in itself. You will learn a process that will help you empower individuals and teams to move beyond personal concerns and petty conflicts to a positive and generative group identity.

Practice 5 Key ORSC Tools

Receive hands-on training in the use of a relationship systems approach to coaching.

Coaching the Third Entity™.

Each group, team or partnership is more than just a collection of individuals. The combined experiences, intelligence and energy form a unique and separate entity that is more than the sum of its parts. Coaching the Third Entity as your client, instead of each individual in the engagement increases your power and influence while enabling you to tap into the inherent wisdom of the team.

Designed Team Alliances

Think of these as the “rules of the road,” that the person, team or organisation whom you’re coaching establishes among themselves with your guidance. This builds co-responsibility for the outcomes and determines how the team (or individual) addresses challenges. Alignment Skills. What you perceive to be the client’s opportunities for growth and what the client perceives to be his/her/their challenges aren’t always in sync. Learn how to establish boundaries and limitations for your engagements while focusing on the common interests of your clients.

Constellating the System

Humans in a relationship system gravitate to particular roles, guided by their own predilections and the demands of the situation. Through an exercise called Deep Democracy, you will practice constellating the system, which reveals the roles and positions each team member holds, garnering deeper insights that can direct future growth.

Crafting a Relationship Myth

There is an archetypal nature to relationships. In this course you will learn how to craft a narrative with your client that resonates deeply and plots a course for change.

CRR Global

CRR Global’s flagship professional coach training program, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), offers cutting edge training and tools for coaches and consultants globally and is designed to foster excellence in relationships of all kinds.

  • 34 years of Accredited Courses
  • Founded in 1996  and is present in more than 30 countries
  • 20 years of experience working with corporate and nonprofit organizations
  • Is the first International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited course and one of the most successful, addressing  group and team dynamics
  • CRR Faculty, based globally, ensure high-quality standards in training delivery
  • Multiple areas of application expertise; from change management to leadership development, employee engagement to team effectiveness

Fundamentals of ORSC is now available in Greece and Cyprus

CRR Global Founders

Marita Fridthon, MSW, ORSC Certified, PCC, CPCC, Co-founder, CEO

Marita, is co-owner and CEO of CRR Global. She is a consultant to several large organizations and mentor to a large number of practitioners in the field of Relationship Systems Intelligence. In addition, she designs curriculum and operates training programs for coaches, executives and teams. She came to this work from an extensive background of Clinical Social Work, Community Development, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Business Consulting and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Marita has an international mentor coaching practice of individuals, partnerships and teams. Her primary focus in coaching is on systemic change, leveraging diversity, creative communication, deep democracy in conflict management and the development of Learning.

Faith Fuller, Ph.D., ORSC Certified, CPCC, Co-Founder, President

Faith is co-owner and President of CRR Global. She is a psychologist and experienced trainer and coach, with over 15 years of experience in working with organizations, couples and communities. Faith takes a systems approach to coaching, namely that all aspects of the system need to be addressed in order for effective change to occur. Her particular skill is empowering powerful, productive and joyous relationships in couples, partnerships and teams . She also has a background in consultation, team building, conflict resolution and community crisis intervention.

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13-14 February 2021 Full

14-15 May 2021 

7-8 October 2021 (UK)

15-16 October 2021

11-12 November 2021 (UK)

14-15 January 2022


Location: Virtual

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