Free Webinar: Introduction to ORSC™

June 23, 2020  
From 18:00 – 19:30 EEST

The world we live, play and work in is shifting. Whether it’s the uncertainty of pandemics or addressing ideas, thoughts and habits that no longer serve, leaders are being called to inspire transformation in an engaging, inclusive way, embracing diversity and all voices in the system, responding constructively to conflict, and conducting difficult conversations in a safe, secure space.

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching ORSC™ provides the HOW

In this webinar, we introduce you to ORSC™ and explore how Relationship Systems Intelligence™ can support you in shifting times. At its core is an evolution of the principles of Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself), and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) to Relationship Systems Intelligence™ where the focus is on the collective wisdom of the group, team or system.

ORSC™ is a one-of-a-kind relationship systems-based training course. Today, present in more than 25 countries, it is still one of the few programs aimed at addressing group and team dynamics effectively. Founded in 1996 in the United States, CRR Global is the first coaching school that offers systems-based International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Certification Program.

Learning Outcomes

During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to experience first hand the ORSC Model and the impact of Relationship System Intelligence (RSI) on systems, being a pair, a group, a team or an organization…

As an outcome of this webinar, besides gaining a new perspective on Emotional and Social Intelligences, it is expected for the participants to develop a better understanding of:

  • A way of leveraging the wisdom of systems to achieve common goals
  • How to facilitate transformative changes in teams, organizations, and relationships at large
  • The use of Relationship System Intelligence (RSI) principles and alignment skills to address conflicts
  • Gain a new perspective on Emotional and Social Intelligence

Your Workshop Leaders Are:


Free Webinar: Introduction to ORSC™

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