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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place “

George Bernard Shaw


This experiential, one-day workshop offers an introduction to ways of seeing and working with the relationship networks that surround us in every aspect of our lives. Understanding different approaches to Systems Thinking and insights from the Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching model (ORSC™) provides practical ways to engage effectively with different types of human systems.


Relationships between people form complex and dynamic webs. Couples, families, partnerships, teams, businesses, communities – all are formed by what we call “Relationship Systems”, an entity with a life, needs and wisdom of its own.

By going beyond just focusing on the individual, working with the System as a whole entity, enables us to see what is needed more quickly, manage constant change more consciously and resolve complex problems more skillfully.

Making the invisible visible

We are always in relationship – with aspects of ourselves, with others, with organizations, with money, with everything! And we always impacting those relationships and being impacted by them.

For most people, the dynamic qualities of these relationships remain hidden. For example, we often don’t understand why we are able to communicate so well with some people and constantly have misunderstandings with others. By knowing how to work with the Relationship System, we can reveal what kind of relationship dynamics are automatically generated between the people involved and then how we want to shape or change those dynamics consciously.

It is the qualities and characteristics of our Relationship Systems that determine how well we are able to communicate, set goals, manage conflict and activate creative potential. We have the opportunity to grow into “Relationship Masters” or go the way of the “Relationship Disasters”!


  • Learn fundamental elements of Systems Thinking
  • Experience an introduction to powerful tools and models from the ORSC™ curriculum developed by CRR Global
  • Gain insights and new wisdom to use in your own relationships
  • Explore and grow your understanding of your own inner system
  • Take away practical tools that increase your effectiveness at working with Relationship Systems in personal and professional life

Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in personal or professional development
  • Managers, executives
  • HR Professionals
  • Coaches

Duration: 1 day