Workshop | Purposeful Leadership for Educators

What is this program about?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the impact that the recent months have had on your personal and professional life then this wellbeing program for teachers will re-energize your sense of purpose and direction. 
Created by an educator, for educators, we’re excited to have partnered with coach and founder of Purposeful Educators, Naomi Ward. This program takes educators on a powerful personal development journey in which you expand your self-awareness and walk away with a healthier commitment to work-life balance.  

The benefits of completing the program include:

  • Commitment to a healthy work-life balance and a sustainable career
  • The ability to clearly articulate strengths, values, purpose and vision
  • Renewed motivation and energy
  • Greater confidence
  • A greater sense of meaning and therefore, better overall wellbeing

Program Schedule

Purposeful Leadership for Educators is spread over 6 weeks.

Week 1: Clarify Your Values – Thursday May 13th 2021, at 20:30-22:00 EEST 

Clarifying your core values: what they mean to you and how you can use them as a compass in order to create the life and career you want

Week 2: Complete Your Ikigai – Thursday May 20th 2021, at 20:30-22:00 EEST 

Exploring what brings you joy, what you’re great at and what the world needs
Establishing habits that support wellbeing and healthy boundaries

Week 3: Build A Relationship with Your Inner Critic – Thursday May 27th 2021, at 20:30-22:00 EEST   

Exploring why you have an inner critic and what it wants for you

Week 4: Nurturing Self-Compassion and Resilience – Thursday June 3rd 2021, at 20:30-22:00 EEST 

Connecting with your inner wisdom and exploring how it can support you
An introduction to self-compassion practice

Week 5: Special Guest and your Coaching – Thursday June 10th 2021, at 20:30-22:00 EEST  

A one-hour coaching session with your facilitator to support you in bringing together the threads of your learning and what might be next for you

Week 6: Articulate and Celebrate your purpose – Thursday June 17th 2021, at 20:30-22:00 EEST  

Using your purpose to plan where you are going


*You will also receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program


The cost for the entire six-week program is  ONLY 200€ per person a savings of over 70%

To make it even more affordable we’re happy to offer a payment plan – contact us for more details!

Don’t miss this opportunity!



Week 1: Thursday May 13 

Week 2: Thursday May 20th 2021

Week 3: Thursday May 27th 2021 

Week 4: Thursday June 3rd 2021 

Week 5: Thursday June 10th 2021 

Week 6: Thursday June 17th 2021 

at 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm GR time

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