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“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each individual.”

– Vince Lombardi


This powerful and expertly agile workshop is designed to direct deep-rooted operational change in organizations with problematic systems, while also transforming the professional environment by offering individuals refreshing and successful ways of working.


Leadership Coaching, in corporation with Edgework Partnership Ltd., offer this highly effective workshop, based on the style of systems coaching, which can be applied to a business as a whole, helping it to evolve or transform its culture, practices, performance, profit, and unique presence in the market. It can also zoom in to tackle and unlock the problematic, often invisible dynamics at play in the inner strata of any business, focusing on areas from management to employees as teams or individuals.

Tailor-made for each company’s requirements, this workshop directly addresses the operational effectiveness, communication and dynamic between professionals in different levels of a business (i.e. between manager and employees, or different teams). It does this by building conscious awareness in participants of what works, and how they can redefine their own and their company’s vision and purpose. The workshop offers:

  • A leadership development program for the executive team and senior and middle managers.
  • Systemic team coaching programs for the executive team, departmental management teams and specific operational teams that face performance and collaboration challenges
  • Intelligence training, neuroscience-based communication and leadership skills
  • Individual coaching to support integration and application of the learning gained from the development program
  • Consultancy advice and support for the development of an ongoing cultural transformation and positive organizational development program


Workshop facilitator, Adrian Pancucci, says of this process: “The impact of these interventions is three-fold: at the personal development level for the individual; at the discrete team level ensuring better synergies within the team and between teams; and critically, at the organizational level, with improved performance that is sustainable.”
Specifically, those who have followed this workshop have enjoyed the following results:

  • It helped them to make tangible improvements to both their professional and private lives. Evaluations confirmed that a high degree of learning stuck with participants who could also see practical and valuable applications in many different areas of their lives.
  • They gained an enhanced understanding of their goals and values as well as their inhibiting patterns, which enabled the development of customized interventions.
  • Team members gain a poignant perspective on how people systems are integral to their company’s performance bottom line.
  • A high degree of trust is created at an individual level and then translated into the creation of learning environments that are focused on creating awareness and learning without judgment, even when they include cross-functional and cross hierarchical players.

Who should attend:

  • Corporations
  • Companies seeking transformation
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Teams within the organization