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“In this multi-dimensional model of leadership, everyone has within them the capacity to lead, and any organization or community is most dynamic, most alive, and most productive when there is a commitment to leadership at every level.”



Based on the revolutionary Co-Active® Five Dimensions of Leadership, this workshop offers the essential leadership and team development tools for making more intelligent choices and reaching peak performance in the workplace. In teaching participants dynamic new ways to understand their own role and its five-dimensional facets either within a team or as a leader, they learn how to also tap into the strengths and abilities of those they work with, thus dramatically improving their collaboration and its result.


This transformative course offers an interactive and practical look at each of the five ways one can lead, or to participate in a winning team. Our expert facilitators, who run workshops worldwide, present how these five dimensions are designed to work collaboratively with one another. They offer insight into how people play all five roles, and depending on the unique circumstances of each professional situation, can shift from dimension to dimension.

Packed with hands-on, enjoyable, thought-provoking and experiential exercises in which each individual reaches into his or her own personal resources for answers, this two-day course enables participants to achieve an experience of congruence and success in leadership and a team.

Our customized workshop is based on the CTI (Coaches Training Institute) Co-Active® leadership model, the multi-dimensional framework which represents a transformative, awareness-based approach to leadership. Centered on relationship-intelligence and individual needs, the approach expands beyond traditional top-down, one-size-fits-all training. Instead, it offers an inspirational and refreshing new outlook with solid, practical and ongoing results.


This workshop will help you:

  • understand the ‘Coach Approach’ to effective, new-generation leadership
  • discover how to leap forward as a leader or as a team
  • find an authentic and unique leadership voice by knowing how to listen, recognize others‘ qualities and delegate wisely
  • foster an environment where development conversations are a daily occurrence
  • create deeper levels of trust and self-awareness within a team

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives, managers and supervisors
  • Team leaders, team members
  • Anyone wanting to learn advanced communication and leadership skills

Duration:     2 days


Read what others have said:

“I truly found the experience incredible and transformational.   I firmly believe this is a process that can transform individuals, families and corporations.”

Panorea Karanikolopoulou, HR professional/ Certified Coaching Practitioner

“It was an experience that everyone should have! A fresh approach. Learning why and how to develop collaborative relationships to transform the way we lead”

Melina Vassiliadis, Communications Officer, ACS Athens

“I’m leaving this inspiring workshop richer and fuller! I strongly suggest that you give yourself this gift and participate in this seminar.”

Xenia Kourtoglou, Founder/Managing Director, Focus Bari

“I came here as a skeptic, but this is probably the best thing to have done to myself! This was the best investment of time, energy and effort!”

Sudha Nair Iliades, Publisher/Editor, Insider Magazine

“It was absolutely a great experience and I got to learn many tools. Everyone should do it and for any reason; for your career, for your personal life, family… Just do it!”

Michael Mavrikis, Entrepreneur – Oscar de la Renta