Interactive Webinar Series | For Individuals

Reframe your focus – Reclaim your time

Get inspired!

How long has it been since you’ve taken time for yourself, and been truly present in the NOW?

Are you overwhelmed?

These are certainly unprecedented times we are all facing. Do you often catch yourself wanting to hit the PAUSE button but don’t ever get the chance? or are  you stuck in a perspective that holds you back from taking any action because there is too much fear attached to it and not enough clarity?

You’ve guessed it, you are not alone!

Our Webinar Series will give you a better understanding of what you’re feeling and most importantly, how to cope with that. How to get unstuck! Get the steps to create the life that you want.

We’ll dive into exploring practical tools that will help you build stronger relationships; learn how to prioritize your needs both in your personal & professional life; reconnect with yourself & your values and overcome self limiting beliefs, which will lead you to experience life with more purpose & intention.

There is no lecture involved.

It is an experiential and interactive invitation to reboot oneself in a warm and welcoming space.


We look forward to connecting with you on this journey!

Co-led by experienced Faculty and Accredited Facilitators


Learning Outcomes of Interactive Webinar Series | For Individuals

  • Discover yourself and the instrumental part you play, not only in your various everyday roles – but most importantly as a human being
  • Reconnect with your values & redefine what is important to you
  • Become more self-aware by recognizing your patterns & behaviors
  • Practice communication skills
  • Discover your own unique inner balance and fulfillment

Who is this Webinar Series for?

Anyone who wants to expand their Self-awareness & peace of mind.


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*A package of 4 Webinars

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