Entrepreneurial Mindset Development as a Key Success Factor in Family Business

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset within your family business to ensure continuity of the business and family values?
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“You have no idea what you’re capable of until you try.” 

– Anonymous


The purpose of this course is to provide training in how you create a proactive, positive attitude within your family business, and offers the tools to develop an entrepreneurial culture. You will explore concepts that support a growth mentality, while learning from real case studies of successful family businesses. This will foster an entrepreneurial mindset according to the different needs of every family business.


A family will often grow faster than the family business, which in most cases means that the company cannot provide professional opportunities to all family members. This can cause friction and tension within the family, as well as create a feeling of obligation.

The global economy is changing rapidly. This means that the next generation within a family group can end up inheriting an established business with unpredictable future prospects. Entitlement and passive attitudes among family members can be similarly damaging and represent a clear threat to the continuity of the company.

In this 2-day workshop, you will be given the necessary skills to identify problems before they arise, and discuss them openly in an inviting and comfortable space. Our facilitators are experts in creating environments where energy and openness encourage communication. As a group, you will look upon your business with a renewed perspective that sees opportunities, where before there were challenges.


This workshop will help you to:

  • Develop a proactive attitude and use initiative
  • Be more innovative in ways to improve yourself, your product, and your company
  • Accept uncertainty and overcome fears of failure to take more risks
  • Obtain the tools to develop an entrepreneurial culture within the business

Who should attend:

  • Family members, spouses, next generation

Duration:     2 days