Emotional Management in Family Owned Business

Better understand how managing your emotions and communicating more clearly can bring success to your family business.
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“Family – we may not have it all together, but together we have it all”



The purpose of this workshop is to develop skills that improve relationships and communication within families. You will be set practical tasks that help towards improving your daily relationships. You will learn, through real-life case studies, how multi-national, family-owned businesses have flourished using concepts and tools of Family Business coaching.


Research shows that the main reason for wealth loss in families is ineffective communication. The development of communication skills is an opportunity to observe what is happening and better understand it. You will learn to communicate in new ways and create a deeper understanding of your family’s needs. This will facilitate smoother, more productive management of your organization.  Often, we find it hard to hear and understand what others want to convey. What is said and how is just as important as what is not expressed.

In this interactive and experiential workshop, you will learn skills that help you become more familiar with your family dynamic. This will include discerning the emotional patterns that enable you to observe what is happening rather than taking situations personally.  Statistics show that the main reason family businesses do not reach past the second generation is due to conflicts in the management of the family, not in the management of the business.

This workshop is tailored towards shareholders, directors and members of family owned companies. Each program lasts a day and a half and covers a range of activities and discussion sessions that unearth and identify key strengths, to build on communication within the family.


This course will help you to:

  • Understand the emotional and family patterns that influence relationships
  • Develop the capacity for observation, by gaining objectivity and neutrality
  • Understand how the family system works, as well as how to be less reactive and achieve more assertive communication
  • Discover your natural strengths
  • Develop skills such as empathy, active listening and assertive communication

Who should attend:

  • Family members, spouses, next generation

Duration:     2 days


Read what others have said:

Loved the connection. Helped me face my negative attributes with ease.”

Zad Mehdawi, Founder &  CEO at Aventurine, SA

“Sharing is a very important stand to feel better and especially sharing with the appropriate people”

Nena Kevorkian, Mixed Media Artist at Kevorkian Inspired Artworks

“Very inspiring, learning new tools for better leadership”

Clemente Pinedo, President at BRIGHT