Coaching Skills: Coaching Self and Others

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 “Coaching is a powerful relationship for people making changes in their life.”

-The Coaches Training Institute


Learning coaching skills does not mean you want to become a coach, but instead it leads you to discover how to use coaching skills to significantly – and consciously – enhance your life. The core reward of this workshop is that by learning and practicing coaching techniques during the workshop, you’ll gain refreshing and empowering insight on your own individual potential while also developing effective new ways to interact with others. You’ll find yourself dealing with situations in a far more assertive, creative and confident new way.


Whether you are a parent who wants to build a stronger, easier and more harmonious bond with your child, or are directing any kind of group, team or project, coaching skills offer you the essential keys for creating a desirable new balance.

By experiencing our fun, 2-day interactive and hands-on workshop you’ll discover immediate ways to cultivate nurturing, sustainable and functional relationships. Starting by doing that with yourself, you’ll then learn how to transfer that new, constructive and confident outlook to your rapport with others too.

Our workshop helps you to easily adopt skills for expressing what you need to say in a way that can be heard, understood and worked with. At the same time, you’ll learn how to listen and respond to the needs and opinions of others in ways that lead to the blossoming of mutual respect, validation of opinions and positive agreements.

Apart from these tangible benefits, one of the most exciting results of learning coaching skills is that you’ll be left with a new, empowering self-awareness that helps you evolve as an individual, because you’ll have developed creative and exciting new ways to view and understand yourself in relation to the people and situations that life brings you.


This workshop will help you:

  • develop a new perspective on many aspects of yourself, what you can offer and how to do so to
  • generate a constructive environment of trust that will inspire others to care and more enthusiastically and responsibly contribute to shared or personal goals
  • have more choices for how to deal with situations

Who should attend:

  • Anyone

Duration: 2 days