Adrian Pancucci

Every voice holds part of the collective wisdom of the whole.

About Me

I bring over 20 years of experience and expertise in communications, adult learning and team and organizational development.

I am a founding partner of The Edgework Partnership – a practice dedicated to supporting the development of advanced organizations. I design and deliver effective team, leadership and organizational change programs. This enables interfaces between teams and departments to work brilliantly and people to become meaningfully engaged in work that delivers excellent results.

I primarily work as a team coach, trainer, and facilitator. I am also a faculty member with CRR Global, the creators of the Organisation Relationship Systems model (ORSC). In this role I train corporate executives, coaches and consultants in ORSC and systemic leadership across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Prior to training as a coach, facilitator, and trainer, I worked as the Communications Manager for a not-for-profit organization in London and South-East England. Before that, I worked as a journalist for a renowned sports agency in London.

Certifications and Degrees Professional and Life Experience Recent Clients Include


“Adrian is an outstanding coach. He enabled me to identify, enhance and leverage my personal strengths and take my leadership of the company to a higher level. Where I found Adrian’s work particularly helpful was in supporting me to take confident actions in difficult situations and in enabling me to think clearly about the next steps that were needed. He is also an exciting coach who brings enormous amounts of insight to his work through his extensive research and work in the field.”  Paul Bridge, Chief Executive

“Over the past two years, Adrian has worked closely with executive leaders, managers and teams within the business to create a common understanding and framework of leadership that comes from within the organisation rather than a concept that is imported externally. Adrian is extremely deft at creating trust at an individual level and that has translated into learning environments that are focused on creating awareness and learning without judgment, even when they include cross-functional and cross hierarchical players.” Pria Rai, Director of People Services