My Story

I help leaders and organizations address their most challenging issues by applying spiritual intelligence (SQ), in addition to EQ and IQ, to business and life. So they can find effective and unconventional solutions based on a new level of awareness.

The truth is we, as organizations and individuals, have tremendous untapped potential. We can achieve much more with less effort only if we can see the big picture, understand where the opportunities are and how we have been wasting energy. A highly perceptive and intuitive person with keen interest in human psychology, organizational development, and quantum physics, I love connecting the dots, seeing the patterns and the big picture of human behaviors and the cosmos in which we live.  More importantly, I am interested in applying what I know to improve individual and organizational performance.

My Professional Experience

Instrumental in taking a start-up from 3 people into a $40 million company in 3 years, selling products to over 100 countries.

Led the launch of a new business unit for a large corporation in new markets worldwide, achieved multi-million revenue in two years.

Broad exposure from product design, production, logistics to sales and customer services.

Set up new operations in Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and China.

Managed cross-cultural teams and projects in Asia, Europe, Mexico, USA and Canada.

Worked in Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Education & Certifications

MBA from Harvard Business School

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

Co-Active Leadership Program from CTI

Trained Practitioner of Leadership Development Framework (LDF)

Trained Practitioner of Sacred Geometry Healing

Trained Practitioner of Insight Principle

Trained Practitioner of Psych-K

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coach Federation


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