Co-Active® Methodology

An impactful form of personal development

The Co-Active® Model principles explained

We use the Co-Active® Model as a basis for our workshops in coaching and leadership with organizations, teams, educational institutions, family businesses and personal development.

Each part of the word “Co-Active” represents an important piece of the workshop and coaching process.

  • The “Co” in Co-Active® represents your need for connection and collaboration. The “being”.
  • The “Active” part of Co-Active® is the “doing”. There can be no change without taking action.

Co-Active® Model at a glance

The Four cornerstones of the Co-Active® model

You're Naturally Creative, Resourceful, Whole

You don’t need to be fixed, because you are not broken. You have all the answers you need within you. Your Co-Active® coach will help you find and act on those answers.

Dance in This Moment

Both you and your coach will embrace where you are now as you begin to move towards your desired life vision. Everything you’re experiencing in this moment is an opportunity for learning and movement.

Evoke Transformation

Your coach will work to call you forth to the life of fulfillment and balance you want rather than telling you what to do and how to do it. This unbiased approach allows you to build a relationship with your coach that is about you getting the results you want.

Focus on the Whole Person

Everything is connected: home, family, work, relationships, etc. But because we’re human beings, packaging those different aspects of our lives into neat little boxes isn’t easy. The Co-Active® Coaching model works by integrating every facet of you as a whole person connecting all the pieces of the puzzle.

The 3 Co-Active® coaching principles

Our co-leaders apply the 3 principles separately or in combination when facilitating a workshop in order to cultivate a supportive, energized, productive and impactful experience.


Everyone has their own unique and intensely personal vision of how they will find their fulfillment. 


Balance means working from a place where you have the power of choice. Balance coaching determines how you are perceiving the roadblocks that are challenging you. In this way, you consider other possible perspectives. As a result, you have access to unexplored — and possibly better — choices.


By living fully present in the moment you must take an action to move forward. Our co-leaders meet you where you are, in the ups and the downs, and guide you through a process. It is this newly available awareness that creates a shift.






“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”, W.H. Murray



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