Dimensional Leadership

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The purpose of this workshop is to give you the tools you need to make choices, to overcome the complex realities and issues of our time, and to learn how to team-up in new ways. It will teach you to tap into the various strengths and gifts of those around you, and understand your role in creating a world where we all complement each other. 


This workshop is an introduction to the five life-changing Co-Active® Dimensions of Leadership. It is a two-day course that offers an interactive and practical look at each of the five ways we can choose to lead. This is a workshop for everyone that will demonstrate how these five dimensions are designed to work collaboratively with one another. In your life, you play all five roles, shifting from dimension to dimension depending on the circumstances and unique requirements of each situation.

The workshop is based on the CTI (Coaches Training Institute) Co-Active leadership model. This multi-dimensional framework represents a transformative approach to leadership, expanding beyond traditional top-down, one-size-fits-all training, and instead offers an inspirational and refreshing new outlook. It will support you in creating an experience of congruence and success in your own leadership, your environment and in the world.



This workshop will help you:

  • empower yourself and others to find and support each other’s solutions
  • foster an environment where development conversations are a daily occurrence
  • have a much better understanding of your most important values and beliefs
  • create deeper, more personal levels of trust with people around you
  • learn and practice masterful listening skills
  • understand the ‘Coach Approach’ to leadership
  • find your authentic and unique leadership voice