Coaching unleashes a person’s full potential and maximises their impact on the world. A coach sees an individual in all their magnificence and uses a variety of methods that guides them to find their own answers.

We have hand-picked our Co-Active® coaches to simplify and facilitate your search for highly skilled coaching. By using the Leadership Coaching platform, you can interact with a coach before making a commitment.

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Each of our coaches uses the Coaching Training Institute’s (CTI) Co-Active Coaching Method. This is a style of coaching based around personal and professional development, with the focus towards realizing your potential and achieving a more fulfilling life. A coach will help you to find the balance between ‘Co’ and ‘Active’; the DOING and the BEING in your life.

We have assembled a team of CTI faculty members who have been carefully selected for their quality, diversity and passion. Most of our facilitators have undergone three additional years of rigorous training with the CTI. This enables them to use specific coaching skills, while coaching in a way that empowers you, the coachee, to unearth your talents and accelerate your personal and professional development. The role of the coach is to ask powerful, thought-provoking questions that help the coachee to grow, transform and change.

A coach will guide you, support you, acknowledge you, challenge you, and see the best in you, while being truly responsive to your needs. He or she will identify habits that detrimentally affect you, and help set goals with specific steps to achieve them. A coach will empower you and inspire you to live your life to the full, but you are the one who will ultimately create the change you want for yourself.

Our coaches have vast experience in:
1:1 coaching
Group sessions
Corporate workshops
Leadership skills training
Personal development
The sessions you have with a coach can touch on any number of different areas, including, but not limited to:

General well-being

Dealing with personal difficulties
Wanting to know more about what you want in life

Fear of failure
Learning to prioritize

Working with a particular colleague
Team Building
Managing expectations
Leadership skills

Typically, coaching sessions last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the coach and coachee’s agreement. A minimum commitment of three months is usually required, as coaching is a process rather than a single event.

Coaching fees for Personal Development begin at €150 an hour, and for Corporate Coaching TBD.

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