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Coaching Skills: Coaching Self and Others

27-28 April

Learning coaching skills does not mean you want to become a coach, but instead it leads you to discover how to use coaching skills to significantly – and consciously - enhance your life. The core reward of this workshop is that by learning and practicing coaching techniques during the workshop, you'll gain refreshing and empowering insight on your own individual potential

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Facilitated by: Sue Powell, Tony Barton
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Relationship Intelligence

5 May
This experiential, one-day workshop offers an introduction to ways of seeing and working with the relationship networks that surround us in every aspect of our lives. Understanding different approaches to Systems Thinking and insights from the Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching model (ORSC™) provides practical ways to engage effectively with different types of human systems.... Learn More
Facilitated by: Adrian Pancucci, Alexandra Fix
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Explore and Expand Your Leadership

1-2 June
This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and skills to connect and align with your values, explore what stands in your way and work on how to navigate more effectively. To empower the way you lead!... Learn More
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Empowered Parenting

8-9 June
Parenting is the most important and challenging job any of us can have, yet sometimes we don’t know what to do, or if we're doing the right thing. Empowered Parenting workshop offers you ways to look at parenting and gives you tools to make things easier. Don't just survive parenting - enjoy it!... Learn More
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Fine Tune Your Listening And Eavesdrop On Humanity

- Antony Parry
Pin on your magic ears and eavesdrop on humanity Do you remember The Wizard of Oz movie turning from black and white into glorious colour? A piece of magic, a new vision, a new way of seeing the world. There’s a similar... Read More

Why family business matters

- Carmen Lence
The term “family business” may remind you of that restaurant where all the staff shares the same surname, or that mid-size business you read about that went bust when the son of the founder took over.  Well, you find such... Read More
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