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Manager as Coach: A Collaborative Approach

The purpose of this workshop is to provide coaching, training and practical experience in the techniques of a Collaborative Approach to leadership. A challenge facing leaders today is creating powerful, sustainable relationships within their family, team or community.... Learn More
Facilitated by: Sue Powell, Tony Barton
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Emotional Management in Family Owned Business

The purpose of this workshop is to develop skills that improve relationships and communication within families. You will be set practical tasks that help towards improving your daily relationships. You will learn, through real-life case studies, how multi-national, family-owned businesses have flourished using concepts and tools of Family Business coaching.... Learn More
Facilitated by: Borja Raventos, Carmen Lence
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Why family business matters

- Carmen Lence
The term “family business” may remind you of that restaurant where all the staff shares the same surname, or that mid-size business you read about that went bust when the son of the founder took over.  Well, you find such... Read More

A Brilliant Example of Co-Active Leadership

- Henry Kimsey-House
I’m always looking for great examples of Co-Active Leadership in action. In a conversation with Sarah Goltz, a participant in a Leadership Program I am leading, Sarah shared with me an incredibly inspiring example of Co-Active Leadership. Sarah is a... Read More
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