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Manager as Coach: A Collaborative Approach

27-28 April
The purpose of this workshop is to provide coaching, training and practical experience in the techniques of a Collaborative Approach to leadership. A challenge facing leaders today is creating powerful, sustainable relationships within their family, team or community.... Learn More
Facilitated by: Sue Powell, Tony Barton
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Educators: Leading the Way

11 - 12 May
This transformative course, based on the revolutionary Co-Active® Five Dimensions of Leadership, offers an interactive and practical look at each of the five ways one can lead.  Learning to tap into your strengths as well as those you work with and making more forward-thinking and result-oriented choices in your educational institution are just some of the solid advantages that come from participating in this workshop.... Learn More
Facilitated by: Sue Powell, Dori Ben-Chanoch
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- Antony Parry
Curiosity opens our hearts and makes us wiser Let me invite you to try a little thought experiment. Here are a few words, just marks on paper, bits and bytes on screens. Here we go: the Las Vegas shootings, Brexit,... Read More

Why family business matters

- Carmen Lence
The term “family business” may remind you of that restaurant where all the staff shares the same surname, or that mid-size business you read about that went bust when the son of the founder took over.  Well, you find such... Read More
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